The End of a Great Family


For the past four years, every Wednesday, I have headed over to drama and spent a fun hour talking, acting, and playing with some of the best people I will ever meet. Some have left, others have joined but we’ve all become great friends. Unfortunately, due to school, homework, and life in general, drama has come to an end 😒😒

EveryoneΒ decided that we would all leave at the same time so that no one left behind, so most of the kids I’ve spent my high school life with are leaving too. We have just done our last performance ever, and it was nice to just be able to say bye to everyone and tell the people who are staying to pass our legend onto the younger kids. We will always be remembered as the loud, annoying and rather cheeky drama stars. I hope.

Gotta love ya Owen, Ashton, Eloise, Grace and Shannon xx

I want to thank my buddies for everything they’ve done – sometimes I don’t want to go to drama because it’s been a bad day, but whenever I arrive I always feel way better because everyone is just so full of energy and happiness. To Owen, Grace, Eloise, Shannon, Ashton, Louis, Annie, Chloe, Travis and Evie for being such amazing friends. We’ve gone through marriages, fights, divorces and pregnancy together (calm down, this isn’t real, this is in performances and skits people) and I can’t believe it’s over already.


Have fun continuing your acting careers you crazy bunch xxx



Year 10 Camp!


A little while ago, I went to my second camp for high school! It was at Nanga Bush Camp, however we stayed at a different location the second day. When we arrived, we saw an amazing ‘woodshed’ where we were to sleep and play games. Next, we were put into groups and told our activities for the next 2 days.

Half our year group just chilling outside the Woodshed

I must admit, I wasn’t happy with the guys in the group but throughout the camp, I realised that it was really good fun having them on the team. First up, my group had a low ropes challenge, which helped our communication and team building. Good thing we did it too, because if we hadn’t done it first, we would have miserably failed the other challenges!! Low ropes was my favourite out of everything.

Low Ropes. Balance is key πŸ‘Œ

Our dorm got messy after one day. The window was used as a clothesline, the floor as a bin…

We went kayaking, rafting, raft building, abseiling (that was SCARY) and zip lining. Sorry I didn’t get many pictures – I couldn’t take the camera with me for fear that I would drop it over board and lose it…


On the second day, after the activities, we started the hike to the camp ground. It took just under 3 hours and everybody was so sick of it by the end that when we arrived, no one even bothered to set up the tents or start dinner!!

Georgie found a carrot in her bag so we munched on that πŸ™‚

We all had to hike the tents, mattresses (little blow up ones), clothes, food and cooking equipment to the site and do everything ourselves. Personally, I loved the task because I already knew how to set up a tent and it was so much fun helping my friends with theirs. Three broken tent pegs, a plank of wood and 2 missing friends later, we were ready to start dinner!

Believe it or not, we all fit!

Heer had brought 5 packs of noodles and a frying pan, so we decided to put all 5 in the pan and cook it on the easiest heat source – a barbecue!! We ended up with so much left over, so what did Brad decide to do? Have a food fight!!! I still had dried up noodles stuck in my hair a week later… After the best food fight ever, we joined a few other people and cooked marshmallows over a fire.

The views during the hike were amazing

Jade, Heer and I shared my tent while Georgie, Susan and Sheida had Susan’s tent. Brad had his own tent that was roughly 6 times bigger than anyone else’s! Just as we were all getting to sleep, Jade kept freaking me out by saying she was seeing spiders and cockroaches inside the tent. Every time we were drifting off to sleep, we would feel something run up our leg and start screaming! I woke up the next morning to find that Heer had taken my ‘pillow’ made up of a travel towel and was wrapped around me for warmth. We hiked all the way back to the original camp site and then boarded a bus to go back home. Camp was so much fun this year because I made new friends and got to try some new activities.

The best people ever, we all collapsed after the hike and ate ice cream. Thanks guys!



No More Braces


It’s been a long time coming (both this post and my teeth) but my braces are finally off!!! I’ve had something in my mouth since about year 3 because my teeth were so…. unique. I’ve gone through a plate, removal of 2 teeth, surgery, separators, braces, a fixed retainer, and now a normal retainer. Not much at all πŸ™‚ When I was given braces, they told me that it would take roughly 3 years, most likely 4, for my mouth to get it’s act together. But after just 2 years (I think) they are off! It happened so quickly, one day I was expecting another 2 years of metal, the next they were gone.

I never really minded them, it was just annoying when I went snorkelling or wanted to eat a whole fruit. For the first time in two years, I ate a whole apple on Monday. I got home from school and just chomped it up. But now I have to wear retainers for a full year to make sure my teeth don’t go back to their old ways. I’ve got this weird metal bar thingy stuck to the bottom teeth which stays there for life so that’s interesting. I prefer braces to retainers because you didn’t have to take anything out when you ate. With the clear retainers, I have to take them out whenever I eat and I honestly struggle with this. My friend’s have even started timing me on how long it takes to remove because I take so long. But at least I have straight teeth now πŸ™‚ So here are some pictures of the procedure (not of the surgery though because those pictures are gross)…

At the very start...

At the very start…

After the plate, before braces (I'm in Bora Bora if you're wondering)

After the plate, before braces (I’m in Bora Bora if you’re wondering)

During braces - I have elastics. I was very excited about the periodic table on my calculator

During braces – I have elastics. I was very excited about the periodic table on my calculator

Now! - I have the retainer in, that's why my teeth are shiny

Now! – I have the retainer in, that’s why my teeth are shiny






As you know by my last post (or maybe you don’t), my birthday has come and gone. Now, my family is not the sort to go out and buy 600 presents or throw a massive party every year. Which is great – that means no faking happiness over something you already have, or stressing that you wrote the wrong address on an invitation. So I felt so happy when mum especially took me to the gold cinemas. Dad wasn’t home at this point because of work, but he got home on the 20th. So I came home from school on the Tuesday all merry; my friends had given me some bracelets, anklets, rings and earrings πŸ˜€ and dumped my bag on the couch. Then I yelled out a hello to dad, got changed and came out the front of the house with the rest of the family.

Dad gave me a note and a set of instructions. I had to go on a hunt, using clues along the way until I reach the end. It was such a great idea, I must have used my brain so much (they were hard clues) that it nearly exploded. But, last and not least, I reached the mailbox. And hidden inside was a parcel with beautiful wrapping – it said smart on it, and I showed everyone only to have them laugh because it took me so long to reach the end. And inside was… wait for it… an iPhone 6s! Rose gold! 128gb! I was so shocked, I couldn’t even speak. Mum and Dad don’t agree with kids having phones until they can afford it. But their excuse was that it was for next year when we go to South America to take photos with. (Yep, still travelling, even in high school! Gonna have to drop a year with the amount I’m missing…)

They said that they can pay for the phone, but I need to re-apply for a job and pay for the plan. Then Mum pulled out a piece of paper and said that they bought the plan as well! THEN Dad said that they can pay for the phone and plan, but I need to pay for the sim card. I told them I understood, and will get a job and be responsible. Next, Cruz pulls out a little present. I unwrapped it and it turned out to be the sim card! This was so weird – I’ve been the only kid at school without a phone for the past 2 years (even the year 7’s have them). I never thought Mum and Dad would give up their money for something like this! They said I still need to get a job though, which I’m working on. Kind of. Thank you so so so so much!!!



Gold Lounge!


My birthday!! I woke up from Dad ringing from work and then had bacon and eggs for breakfast with mum. I was then dragged away to Cruz’ rugby presentations for 2 hours. Arriving back at home, Mum decided to take me to Currambine Grand Cinemas for the Gold Lounge! On arrival, we walked into the wrong part of the cinema (the normal part) and the lady had to tell us to go back out and through the gold doors. Of course! The gold doors – duh! Inside, there were fancy chairs and a bar to order drinks and food at. Mum and I ordered a set of kebabs, set to arrive just before the movie starts. I got a hot caramel chocolate too πŸ˜‹

We were then told that the movie was about to begin so walked up a corridor into number 2 cinema. I had helped mum book the seats the night before so all we had to do was chill out and enjoy the movie. My favourite thing about the gold class would have to be the seats. There are 4 buttons – one for bringing the back of the seat down (laying) and one for bringing the feet of the chair out. The other two do the opposite. We had chosen to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby and I must say (so formal πŸ˜‰ ), it was the best experience I have ever had. The kebabs tasted amazing too! Thanks heaps mum, love you xx

Sorry this post was slightly delayed – I had started it on the 17th but only just finished it now; there was so much information I wanted to include…



Wifi Is Killing Our Brains


This is one of those moments where I post about something completely weird but relatable. The other day, I was laying in bed and I saw the candle in my room. I put my book down, got up, grabbed the lighter, then stopped. And thought. “Do candles need wifi to function?” Honestly, that was the line of thinking I was having. With the amount of internet and google and devices going around, I’m surprised I didn’t wonder whether my chickens needed an app to tell them how to eat worms. No matter what questions people have, they can always be googled. It can be, ‘who would win a staring contest between a duck and a horse’ or ‘why are there seven days in a week.’

Social media is crazy too. I saw my friend’s snapchat account and there were so many filters, squares, emojis and random numbers that mean absolutely nothing. And what’s up with streaks? I get so confused with all of these fancy thingamabobs. What happened to people actually talking to each other? The world is having a social crisis disguised as a new technology. And it’s annoying. What other country (except, you know, America or something) spends it’s whole life looking at a screen instead of turning to the person beside them and TALK?! And, yes, before you all yell out, I know other countries do this. But Australia can change it. On the train, we can read a newspaper. On the bus, we can talk to other people. It sounds simple but because we are already so addicted, it’s not.

It’s so important people connect – we are losing so much by just looking at screens since birth. The other day, I saw a kid (about 2 y/0) and their mum had given them her phone so they would shut up. And then I was sitting in the front room and a lady walked past texting while pushing her baby in a pram. Why would you do this?! Its neglecting a human life for a SCREEN. I think mum had to restrain me because I was so mad. I just want people to take away the importance of connecting without a device nearby.



I’m Grateful For…


In homeroom, we have to make a collage with pictures on what we are grateful for. It’s important we all stop and think about what we have in the world. Everyone’s going to be grateful about different things – like, I’m grateful for chickens and I don’t think many other people would be. They would instead write down dog or cat or guinea pig. But at least we all know that we are grateful. Here’s my list (not in order):

  1. Chickens
  2. Family
  3. Friends – mostly Parsa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
  4. School camp (and camping)
  5. Food
  6. Opportunities (Kimberley, South America)
  7. Transport
  8. My house
  9. Holidays
  10. School
  11. Money to live life to the fullest
  13. Beanbags
  14. My health/me
  15. Lukas Graham
  16. My blog
  17. New Zealand (home)
  18. Reading!

Hope you enjoyed,



The Kimberley’s!


I promised I would make a post on the amazing trip I did, so here it is… The tour went for 10 days and there were about 28 kids.


On day 4, we split into two groups and headed to our own schools. I was in Frog Hollow (or Purnululu) with Tea, Kyle, Hannah, Liam (Skinner), Simone, Alex, Caitlin, Niamh and heaps more. We arrived in the dark and immediately a bunch of kids swarmed around us and started asking us heaps of questions. One of the little girls, Julia, took off Tamzens’ glasses and said to her friends, “See this girl? She blind.” A few other things were spoken that we will all remember – on one of our cruises, our guide said, “See that red stuff over there? That’s dirt.” The kids at the schools were amazing, so friendly and beautiful. We learnt all about their Aboriginal culture, went hunting for some herbal leaves, helped them with school work and played with them at lunch. Everyday I took my camera with me to the school (though usually the kids would wake us up before then) and give it to someone. I ended up with so many photos of the kids, of them posing, playing and chilling. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post pics of the kids for safety but I can post some of the scenery.

The times we weren’t at the school, we were travelling in the bus (for 8 hours at a time often), looking at the landscape and visiting amazing landmarks. On the way to the Bungle Bungles, I got motion sick and then discovered I had heatstroke and dehydration as well. I spent the last 3 days throwing up and not eating, which continued for another 2 days. I was given so many vitamins and electrolytes because I had stopped eating, I could barely stop for 5 seconds without being given more! But anyway, we went to Bell Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Lake Argyle to name a few.

I’ll just have a few photos of our trip now…

Bell Gorge (where I found the world's largest spider and proceeded to dive onto shallow rocks)

Bell Gorge (where I found the world’s largest spider and proceeded to dive onto shallow rocks)


Derby Prison Tree with the group


On the dreaded bus making scoobies


Tabletop Mountain (I think that’s what its called)


Tunnel Creek


Geikie Gorge boat tour


Elephant Rock 🐘


The trek to Bungle Bungles


Lake Argyle from the bus


Lake Argyle Resort. Amazing infinity pool!


Geikie Gorge

Our swags at the Purnululu school

Our swags at the Purnululu school

Our campfire at the school

Our campfire at the school

Thanks for reading and sorry it took so long,






Wow. So it’s been almost a month, and a busy one at that, but I finally have enough time to write a post! I want to put another one up for my Kimberley trip but if I combine the two, it would be too long. Here’s Queensland for ya then…

Cruz had a rugby tour for the first week but we decided to stay an extra because it was, you know, Queensland. I usually hung out with Katie, one of Cruz’ rugby friend’s sister. We went to Dreamworld, Movieworld and Sea World and visited the Sky View Skyscraper. I thoroughly loved the whole experience and wanna go again soon! But anyway, here are some pics of what I did there.

From the Sky View Point Tower

From the Sky View Point Tower

The dolphins were absolutely beautiful

The dolphins were absolutely beautiful


My friend, his feet were a little cold...

My friend, his feet were a little cold…

And here are some pics on the rides!

Just a leisurely ride at Sea World

Just a leisurely ride at Sea World

On the Superman - 0-100km in 2 seconds! (Katie is on my right)

On the Superman – 0-100km in 2 seconds! (Katie is on my right)

Hope you enjoy the pics, I certainly loved the rides! Talk soon,




One-Minute Cookie!


Seeing as I’m heading off to Queensland in 1 day, I didn’t want to leave you hanging for 3 weeks, so here’s an early post for then! Ok, I got really bored yesterday and decided to make a one-minute cookie. I have made these in the past but have only tried this recipe once –Β http://www.sweetestkitchen.com/2013/06/microwave-chocolate-chip-cookie-in-a-mug/

It’s super yummy, if you want to improve it, I would recommend doubling the amount of ingredients and using a whole egg instead of just the egg yolk (whole egg for the double batch, egg yolk for single batch). I would also suggest using more chocolate chips than what it says because, admit it, you can never have too many! Make sure you cook it so that the top is fully cooked; it doesn’t matter if the middle is a bit raw, I like it more like that…